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Unique Advantages

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  • Market Value

    Market Value

    Huge market requirements. Waiting for your sharing it together. Overall market share is over 2 Trillion all of the world

  • 6 Large-scale Of Production Bases

    6 Large-scale Of Production Bases

    Located in Chengdu,Zhejiang,Guangdong,Hebei,Henai, and Liaoning. The registered capital is RMB 284.37 million yuan, Total assets are RMB 2 billion yuan. Annual production capacity above 800 Kiloton, over 1,000 pcs equipments, and 2,000 employees.

  • Brand Core

    Brand Core

    Become the leading enterprise of the ecological building materials industry. Renowned Brand of China, Top 10 Brand of Plastic Pipe In China, etc.

  • Quality Warranty

    Quality Warranty

    Implementing quality control strictly "Double-Zero Management" Meeting ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and ISO5001 systems.

  • R & D Driving

    R & D Driving

    Over 130 patents. CNAS National Laboratory China Plastic Pipe R&D Technology Center China High-Technology Enterprise Own MPVE double wall corrugated pipe break through the sthandard over the world.

  • Holistic Marketing

    Holistic Marketing

    The Pioneering Supplier For Large-Scale Collective Purchasing 7 Operation organizations and over 30 branches which covered all of the country. Cooperating with Top 20 China Real-estates and National Giants such as China Mobile,China Telecommunication, China Gas,SINPEC, etc

  • Ecological Product

    Ecological Product

    One-stop Solution Provider These products are widely used in water supply, drainage, electricity & telecommunication, gas, home decoration, floor-heating, agriculture, profile, Stainless Steel and etc.Over 1000 specifications. Unique patent formula "WEN JING"

  • Five Star Service

    Five Star Service

    Implementing the professional managements of One-Stop Service and First-call Responsibility System. Founded wholly service system including good product,qualified , high quality service, kind attitude, return service.

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