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PE Steel Wire Mesh Reinforced Composite Pipe
  • Product Overview:

    ◎ Twice Twined steel wires as the frame, HDPE as the main raw materials.
    ◎ Pressure Rating: 1.0Mpa, 1.6Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 2.5Mpa. 3.5Mpa
    ◎ High Strength with low cost than pure HDPE pipe.
    ◎ Good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.
    ◎ Size:full 50mm through 800mm availability.
    ◎ Form Supplied:
    6 meters straight length (dn50-dn160)
    9 meters straight length (>dn200)

  • Advantages:

    ◎ High Strength Pressure-bearing:
    More excellent strength pressure-bearing and anti creep deformation than others composite pipe.
    Firmly bonding between steel wire and PE without water leakage.
    ◎ Impact Resistance:
    More excellent Impact resistance than others composite pipe, exceed strength, rigidity,
    Impact resistance, etc. Lower expansion coefficient than steel pipe.
    ◎ Low Thermal Conductivity:
    Low thermal conductivity, Good thermal insulation, Smoothly inside wall.
    Lower 30% loss of pipe end than steel pipe.
    ◎ Corrosion Resistance:
    Good corrosion resistance and wearproof.
    ◎ Good Comprehensive:
    Light-weight, composited by 2 materials. Easy for convey.installation, without rupture.
    ◎ Easy Installation:
    High reliable pipe, the ideal pipe instead of stell pipe,pure plastic pipe and ductile iron pipe.
    Span Life over 50 years.
    ◎ Standard:GB/T 32439-2015


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size PE-Steel-Wire-Mesh-Underground-Plastic-Gas-and-Oil-Supply-HDPE-Reinforced-Pipe副本



 per PE-Steel-Wire-Mesh-Underground-Plastic-Gas-and-Oil-Supply-HDPE-Reinforced-Pipe



◎ Applying for urban water supply

◎ Urban gas

◎ Construction waler supply

◎ Special fluM transport

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