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PVC-O Water Supply Pipe
  • Product Overview:

    ◎ Excellent performance: High strength, high impact resistance, high toughness, fatigue resistance. low-temperature resistance.
    ◎ Unique Advantage: unsensitive of temerature ,stable size,no leakage even shrinked.
    ◎ Material Grade: PVC 315 and PVC 355.
    ◎ Pressure Rating: 0.63MPa, 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa,2.0Mpa.
    ◎ Size: full 63mm through 630mm availability
    ◎ Joint Method: glue, flange gasket, and sealing ring.
    ◎ Color: white or customized.
    ◎ Form supplied: plain end pipe, belled end pipe with 4m (dn20-dn110)、6m(>dn110) or other length is available upon request.

  • Advantages:

    ◎ Excellent performance: high strength(wall thickness is 65% of PVC-U pipe, hydrostatic stress 42-60Mpa, tensile strength (48-70Mpa),
    ◎ high impact resistance(strength over 10 times than PVC-U pipe), high toughness, fatigue resistance.
    ◎ Low-temperature resistance( from -15 to -25).
    ◎ Unique Advantage: insensitive of temperature, stable size, no leakage even shrunk.


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size PVC-O water supply pipe

size 2 PVC-O water supply pipe


performance PVC-O water supply pipe


◎  Tap water supply (priority)

◎  Agricultural irrigation.

◎  Urban and rural drainage.

◎  Underground gallery pipes.

◎  Electricity and telecommunication.

◎  Using temperature scope from 0℃ to 45℃.  

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